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Total coverage

With one system, AMCS Enterprise Management covers the complete chain from waste collection, recycling to resource industry

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RouteManager - DesertMicro

Route Manager - Where to find Enterprise Management Information

Following the acquisition of Desert Micro in 2018, the RouteManager, RouteWarrior and Wastebooks Solutions websites were fully integrated into our AMCS Group website


ROUTEMANAGER is a software solution to manage your entire business, not just your books, routing and billing.

To improve productivity, it’s not your people who have to work harder, it’s your software. ROUTEMANAGER is developed to manage your business, from the sales process to the collection of receivables, and provide you with in-depth analysis of every aspect that contributes to your bottom line.

Sales & Contact management

The Sales and Contract Management solution is an ipad application designed for your industry.

  • Create attractive proposals using your own forms, logo, client contact information and services.
  • Proposals can be easily emailed to your client
  • Allows sales representative the ability to assign estimated close probability monthly revenue and close date to all your proposals
  • Capture customer signature

100% Mobile CRM

  • Back office integration
  • Email campaign and integration
  • Mapping integration
  • View prospects and customers
  • Sales performance monitoring


Route Warrior offers state-of-the-art mobile application solutions that help manage your unique business. Our Android application provides your mobile workforce with a real-time view into their work without all the paper. The live dispatching system shows real-time GPS location of each person on your crew and their progress. We leverage our industry intelligence and technological background to give you the right solution.

RouteWarrior tracks all your customers, jobs, trucks and services that need to be performed along each route.

RouteWarrior allows you to view live service data to improve customer service, operations and productivity of each vehicle.

Major Benefits

  • Increase density and decrease mileage
  • Capture service documents and photos
  • Live view of routes and trucks
  • E- logs and hours of services
  • Live updates visible when a driver makes a note about a service stop

Route accounting

Complete operational accounting including billing, accounts receivable and cash management.

All your customers with route and pricing data in a simple but comprehensive system. Highly configurable to invoice customers the way they want. With all routes and services linked to the individual customer pricing, all services get invoiced quickly and accurately. Simply add the contact info and the profit by job is calculated for you.

  • Flexible pricing by Job type
  • Job costing by type or customer
  • Invoicing by service or by period
  • Configurable reporting for all data
  • Customizable fields

Complete account receivable management includes collections module, credit card acceptance and recurring billing and payment processing. Recognize revenue with your process, from deferred revenue to arrears or advanced billing.

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