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An expert and professionally-led, prepared and executed Transition Program

AMCS Platform

Transition Program

The AMCS Transition Program is a sequence of phases to migrate new and legacy software customers to AMCS Platform.  It has been designed and proven to minimise possible risks to operations, assure immediate time-to-value, and optimise business processes to positively impact customers’ bottom line.  

Optimal Time-to-value

The AMCS Platform drives innovation, business efficiencies and mitigates risks throughout business processes and the AMCS Transition Program lives by these same values. The transition team research each program intensively to build the necessary project package to ensure an optimum time-to-value for each project.

AMCS understand time-to-value is critical which is why we have created a set of tools and processes to streamline the migration journey to AMCS Platform. The enables customers to continue to focus on the financial and operational growth of their business.

We Come Prepared

Dedicated Expert Team

The AMCS Transition Program is delivered through a Centre of Excellence comprising of people, products and processes.  This is a hive of innovation, a collaboration of system, industry and field experts successfully working together to migrate customers to AMCS’ innovative Platform.  

Each Transition Program is delivered by highly trained and skilled individuals with industry, product and process expertise. The team comprises of global resources that include Integration Development and Data Migration Experts, System Adoption and Training Consultants, DevOps and Solution Engineering Leads.  

Standardised Transition Program Package

The Transition Program package focuses on product-specific preparations. Whether it is a new customer to AMCS Platform, or a legacy customer planning to migrate to Platform, this preparation accelerates the migration process. The package consists of product modelling, customer business report, integrations and EFT base scripts.


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For each Transition Project we follow a 3-Step Plan

The AMCS Transition Project consists of 3 phases: Discovery, Execution and Go-Live.  Throughout each phase, customer engagement is necessary on different levels and stages in the project. The transition team works in partnership with customers to support the successful delivery of the project.

Discovery Phase

The transition discovery phase will produce a comprehensive Customer Business Report (CBR which dives into system information and integrations in place to create a comprehensive IT review. This review acts as a blueprint for defining the current situation of all current and live systems.

Execution Phase

The Transition Execution phase is where the transition team execute the migration towards AMCS Platform. It consists of software delivery, training, and migration.

Go-Live Phase

At the start of this phase, the transition team enters the customer into a Hyper-Care program. This program provides service and support priority to the customer before and after the go-live date to assure the smooth and successful transition to AMCS Platform. 

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